Where is the artwork for NFTs stored?

In 2021 the most popular NFTs are digital artwork. This is a great thing about NFTs that gives digital artists a way to sell ownership of their art even though anyone can still download it. The ownership is registered on the blockchain. However the actual image is stored elsewhere. This is because it is expensive to store data on the blockchain. The trick is where does the data then get stored. If it is on someone’s web site then the image may disappear or even change. This leads to some scams and other trickery. For this reason, we store the images of our vinylkey albums on IPFS. That stands for InterPlanetary File System. Funny name but actually pretty cool technology. Files stored on IPFS are immutable which means they cannot be changed. We also keep all of our photos pinned meaning they will always be available.

For more explanation you can read more here.