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February, 2024
Umphrey's McGee — HALL OF FAME: CLASS OF 2022 2F LP
Umphrey's Mcgee returns for their second vinylkey album and their annual best of the year live shows as voted on by the fans. See here for more info From Umphrey's McGee
September 2023
DeWolff — Rosita Rapida
As part of the Haarlem Vinyl Festival in the Netherlands, vinylkey is happy to announce the second pressing of Rosita Rapida by DeWolff. This album is the world's fastest record: recorded, pressed and sold in about three and a half hours beating the previous record held by Jack White.
May 2023 - Minneapolis
Making Vinyl Conference
We enjoyed our time in the home town of Prince speaking with everyone in the industry about vinyl onchain.
March, 2023
Ray Shames — One Minute
Ray Shames is a virtual person performing in the tradition of Austrian Singer FALCO. ONEMINUTE is a collection of 12 songs, where each one represents a mood for a specific month. Not much longer than one minute per song not to overtax individual's attention span considering our information overflow. Daydreams, special moments and connotations - listen to it. Ray Shames
January, 2023
Umphrey's McGee — HALL OF FAME: CLASS OF 2021 2F LP
TF is a limited edition digital twin that will permanently live onchain. Each LP contains an NFC chip that links to a series of unique images corresponding to your specific version. It verifies proof of authenticity and certifies ownership for each album. Info From Umphrey's McGee
November 25, 2022
Spottie Wifi — I'm Spottie
In Miami at Art Basel, Spottie WiFi x Tower Records release "I'm Spottie" vinylkey Record. Info at Tower Records
July 29, 2022
Money Man — Big Money vinylkey release
Money Man releases his new album Big Money as a vinylkey. See the Money Man web site for more info.
June 23, 2022
Making Vinyl Conference We are happy to providing a talk to the industry called Vinyl's Next Frontier: NFTs
June 15, 2022
Indie Music Week by A2IM Find us on the NFT Opportunies Panel during Indie Week
May 17, 2022
Beatseeker Podcast We loved talking on this podcast all about music and verified vinyl
April 13, 2022
L'AMOUR REBELLE - First-ever live opera NFT
"@meraveldan, @leocrane, and @SteijNaem55 are doing fascinating things blending opera, animation, and immersive experiences." — COZOMO DE'MEDICI, MEDICI MINUTES ISSUE #9
March 25, 2022
Input Magazine Great and very well researched article about vinylkey
February 4, 2022
Goldmine Podcast The Goldmine Podcast introduces VinylKey, a company that securely links vinyl records onchain and why this will change the future of collecting records.
January 28, 2022
Music Connection Spotlight
December 8, 2021
Moses Sumney releases vinylkey version of "Live From Blackalachia" at Art Basel in Miami