Where are the photos for the vinylkey album stored?

All vinylkey albums photos of the unique visual pattern are stored on immutable file storage.

What is a vinylkey Registration Key?

The registration key is inside of the vinylkey album when you purchased it new. It is hidden on the inside of one of those annoying forms where you have to tear off the the edges.

How to tap a vinylkey album to read the NFC tag or chip

Near Field Communication ( NFC ) is supported by most Apple and Android phones and is the communication method used when using “tap to pay”.

Methods to offer vinylkey

The artist can choose to offer their vinylkey album two different ways. The vinylkey album can be physically sold first at merch tables, band websites or brick and mortar record stores.

Tapping vinylkey NFC with an iPhone troubleshooting

If you are having trouble tapping the vinylkey album’s embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) tag then see below for some help.

How to see your vinylkey album in your wallet

If you just finished registering your vinylkey ownership it might take a several minutes for it to show up in your wallet.

How to get an Ethereum Address

To get an Ethereum address, you will first need to get a wallet that supports Ethereum.

Are the NFC tags embedded in the vinyl ?

Yes, the NFC tag is fully embedded in the vinyl...

Is vinylkey an NFT ?

Technically, yes, but we use it as a certificate of authenticity....