Methods to offer vinylkey

The artist can choose to offer their vinylkey album two different ways. The vinylkey album can be physically sold first at merch tables, band websites or brick and mortar record stores.

Definitions to Understand VinylKey

To explain Vinylkey there are lots of terms that are new to most people. See below for a short explanation and the links at the very bottom for much more reading.

What is an NFT?

NFT is the abbreviation for Non Fungible Token. Fungible is a term used in economics to mean something is interchangeable. Like a twenty dollar bill can be switched for another twenty dollar bill and no one cares.

How to tap a vinylkey album to read the NFC tag or chip

Near Field Communication ( NFC ) is supported by most Apple and Android phones and is the communication method used when using “tap to pay”.

Are NFTs Just JPG Images On My Computer Screen?

Some of them are just that but they can be so so so so much more. NFT is a generic term for a token that represents anything ( virtual or physical ) that is unique ( non-fungible ).

How to use NFC on an iPhone

The answer depends on which version of the iPhone and iOS you are using. If you are unsure which you have then you can go to Settings > General, then tap About.

Where is the artwork for NFTs stored?

In 2021 the most popular NFTs are digital artwork. This is a great thing about NFTs that gives digital artists a way to sell ownership of their art even though anyone can still download it. The ownership is registered on the blockchain.

What is a vinylkey Registration Key?

The registration key is inside of the vinylkey album when you purchased it. It is hidden on the inside of one of those annoying forms where you have to tear off the the edges. Once in there, you will see a very long number.

How to see an NFT in your wallet

This is going to depend on your crypto wallet. Currently not all wallets support NFTs. Do not worry because your NFT is still there. Remember that your wallet does not really hold your stuff; it holds the keys that proves you are the owner of the NFTS stored on the blockchain.