Methods to offer vinylkey

The artist can choose to offer their vinylkey album two different ways.

The vinylkey album can be physically sold first at merch tables, band websites or brick and mortar record stores. Inside of the album jacket is a registration code that allows the purchaser to register for the connected NFT. This method has the advantage of allowing the fan to purchase with cash, credit card or what ever that vendor is willing to accept. This also allows the fans to figure out the NFT world after they have already purchased ( aka easy crypto onboarding for the normies ). These will typically have lots of vinylkey albums made to be accessible to more fans and build a community.

But maybe the artist would like to bring in the crypto crowd and sell your item in a NFT marketplace then that is also possible. These auctions are almost always paid for in crypto currency. These would typically have fewer unique vinylkey albums made and maybe only just one. After the winner has the NFT in their wallet they can then submit the mailing address they would like the album snail mailed. This method can have the advantage of a higher sale price from the auction and more publicity from a rare item.