Umphrey’s McGee / Hall of Fame: Class of 2022 / 1 of 250

Continuing last year’s debut, this year's class features two limited edition double-LP offerings, the N2F and 2F editions. Both are multicolor splatter and each will have a color variance unique to that edition. The N2F edition will be a single pressing of 1,000 copies while the 2F version will consist of only 250 units. Tied to the 2F is a limited edition digital twin that will permanently live onchain. Each record contains a NFC chip that links to a series of unique images corresponding to your specific version. It verifies proof of authenticity and certifies ownership for each individual album. Vinyl Sides A. Plunger (06.16.22 Dillon, Colorado) B. Escape Goat (09.09.22 Bozeman, Montana) C. Der Bluten Ka (11.11.22 Chicago, Illinois) D. Der Bluten Kat (11.11.22 Chicago, Illinois) >Front Porch (partial) (11.11.22 Chicago, Illinois) [](

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