Umphrey’s McGee / Hall of Fame: Class of 2021 / 1 of 250

UM is pleased to present the inductees for the **Hall of Fame: Class of 2021**, an annual 'best of' live album as voted on by the fans. This year's class is an eclectic bunch: equal parts hard-driving, danceable, and moody. 250 limited edition units are tied to a digital twin on chain. Each record contains a NFC chip that links to a series of unique images corresponding to each one-of-a-kind version. It verifies proof of authenticity and certifies ownership for each album. 2021 setlist: A. Bridgeless [Morrison, Colorado, June 19th] B. The Crooked One [New Haven, Connecticut, May 7th] C. Seasons [Richmond, Virginia, November 18th] D. Robot World [Masontown, West Virginia, September 16th] > Bridgeless [June 19th] [](

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