Umphrey's McGee

Umphrey's McGee vinylkey release — Hall of Fame: Class of 2021

A limited edition double LP.

SOLD OUT - See More Info At UM website

What is vinylkey?

Money Man

Money Man's vinylkey release — Big Money

Multi-platinum Atlanta-based recording artist, Money Man releases his Big Money NFT Vinyl via Black Circle/EMPIRE. Big Money includes hit tracks “New York” and “Big Money” with features by G Herbo, Nardo Wick, Benny the Butcher and more.

SOLD OUT More info at Money Man Store

What is vinylkey?

I'm Spottie

Spottie WiFi's vinylkey release — I'm Spottie

We have partnered with Spottie WiFi (an innovative Web3 artist) and Tower Records to exclusively release an NFC chip vinyl edition of his debut album, I’m Spottie.

Get yours now from Tower Records

What is vinylkey?

What is vinylkey?

Vinylkey™ is a vinyl record pressed with a unique visual pattern and an embedded NFC computer tag. Using your phone to tap the record, like doing tap to pay, will display the proof of authenticity and proof of ownership. It's an album on the blockchain!

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See an NFC tag in vinyl being read

What does the music fan experience?

The fan purchases their favorite artist's vinylkey™ album from a store, merch table, website, auction, etc.

The fan can then use their phone to tap the embedded NFC chip and is sent to a web page for the album and connected NFT, showing photos of the vinyl record and owner info.

Sample album

Why is this great for the artist?

A New Limited/Special Product to Offer. The album is paired with an NFT to prove the limited quantity. The artist chooses how many are pressed.

Royalties From Used/Resale. Since the transaction happens on the blockchain, each sale moves through a smart contract that can reward the artist and the seller.

Fan Connections. Since the transaction is on the blockchain, the owner is always registered.

Anti-counterfeiting. With the album registered on the blockchain, an attempted counterfeit is easy to spot.

Offer as an NFT or vinyl album. The artist can choose to sell it as an NFT in a marketplace or as a vinyl album at merch tables, websites, or stores. Read more on selling methods.

Why music fans love this...

Unique Limited Collectibles. The limited number of the album is verifiable on the blockchain, making these collectibles truly unique.

Proof of Authenticity. Each album is unique and can be verified.

Proof of Ownership. The buyer of the album is registered, allowing them to demonstrate ownership. New purchasers can have confidence in their transactions.

How do I get my own record made into a vinylkey album?

To get started on making your own album with our special NFC and NFT features that you can sell or auction to your fans, contact us today!

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